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New Piercing! by Dijikuru2525 New Piercing! :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 1 2 Untitled Drawing by Dijikuru2525 Untitled Drawing :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 0 3 Rennbeaux, 2 by Dijikuru2525 Rennbeaux, 2 :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 3 5
The Woman Named Death
I saw a pale horse, and its name was death.
I said nothing as it walked beside me
Tripping on thin legs, exhaling its own soul,
Until finally it fell, and the world rushed in to kill it.
I saw a woman, and her name was death.
She clawed her way to the bottom of the pit;
Writhing and choking and breaking and smoking,
And god--what I'd give to forget about it.
I saw my future, and it looked like death,
With drunken orgies and vats full of cornstarch,
Love unconditional, and hate fueled by the same...
I failed at life, and I lost the game.
:icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 7 9
Perfect by Dijikuru2525 Perfect :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 3 7 Attractions Radar Meme by Dijikuru2525 Attractions Radar Meme :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 2 9
Rules of Engagement
I'm gonna let everyone know right off the bat here,
I don't take anything seriously if it involves
The word maybe,
The word if,
Scene kids,
Or broken condoms.
:icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 1 2
Women Don't Dream
Real women don't dream;
They only count down the days until
No one will love them anymore.
Then they cry,
Clean their eyes and
Begin to see what they had missed all along.
But with this realization comes pain,
Loss of femininity,
And the ability to create worlds within their broken hearts.
:icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 1 6
Flower 4 by Dijikuru2525 Flower 4 :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 1 0 Flower 3 by Dijikuru2525 Flower 3 :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 2 0 Flower 2 by Dijikuru2525 Flower 2 :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 2 2 Flower 1 by Dijikuru2525 Flower 1 :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 1 0 Skeletoes(: by Dijikuru2525 Skeletoes(: :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 3 9 Meeeeeee(: by Dijikuru2525 Meeeeeee(: :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 1 0 Good God.. by Dijikuru2525 Good God.. :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 0 8 Sky by Dijikuru2525 Sky :icondijikuru2525:Dijikuru2525 1 0
My hair is actually longer than this--it grew inward to fill in the empty space.

by my 'fraternal twin' :iconyellowmonkey209:

Random Favourites

Look At Us
What he gave me,
What he left you...
Was a little piece of memory,
That he tucked just behind our hearts.
But that was before he left.
And now you,
You have a gaping hole that has to be filled...
I don't know if I have that hole too,
But if I did,
I wouldn't wait for him to come back.
Because he won't.
And you have to know that,
Deep down...
If you don't then I don't know what to do,
So please know he won't come back.
He won't walk in through that door,
Sweep you into a hug and a passionate kiss,
And he won't tell me that I was his favorite.
He's dead now.
We buried him last winter, Ma, come on.
Look at me,
Just once.
I know it feels like you can't go on living,
But I need you,
And so does Terry,
You know she does.
I miss him too, Ma,
And he gave us everything we have,
But don't lose it just when he dies.
Ma, we need you too.
:iconkinthinia:Kinthinia 1 22
fairtax love by iyami-ame fairtax love :iconiyami-ame:iyami-ame 23 3 facepaint by julia-b facepaint :iconjulia-b:julia-b 45 7 Problepeno Tee by deviantWEAR Problepeno Tee :icondeviantwear:deviantWEAR 201 233 2009.129 by IIEE 2009.129 :iconiiee:IIEE 1,935 155 xxxHolic - Background by synthesis-kuruku xxxHolic - Background :iconsynthesis-kuruku:synthesis-kuruku 119 2 Randumb518 by masochisticcannibal Randumb518 :iconmasochisticcannibal:masochisticcannibal 2 0 Schizophrenia -Bad Photo- by jcbABSINTHE Schizophrenia -Bad Photo- :iconjcbabsinthe:jcbABSINTHE 6 5
Clouds slowly move in,
Blocking my light,
I lose my path,
I lose myself
The abyss calls me,
I wander blindly,
Slowly going to my end,
Uselessly clueless.
:iconyellowmonkey209:Yellowmonkey209 1 0
I'll Dance In Your Blood
In metaphysic suicide
Open up your veins to me
When hidden hopes in hearts reside
With my love I’ll set you free
Gushing forth upon our dreams
The essence of this earthly plane
Hold not back a single drop
Let no doubts within remain
Then fall upon your memories
As they flow into the past
There in silence at my feet
Pray eternally to last
Until your hand I take in mine
As if this were our only chance
And to the music of our soul
Forever you and I shall dance
:iconzexypinecones:ZexyPineCones 4 23
Mother Nature
A harsh mistress some might say
But to me she's just a bitch
Though the charms I won't deny
Of this enchanting beautiful witch
But a witch she's nonetheless
When her bosom bears all sin
For which all men will fight
Though few will ever win
Of her love that's in the day
The warmth within the light
And the gentle kiss of darkness
In the peace she gives each night
But her wrath is each disaster
Every quake and fire and flood
All the miseries of this life
Drenched in tears and blood
Though I question good and bad
Of the life through her we live
As I blame her less and less
When we take more than we give
:iconzexypinecones:ZexyPineCones 10 58
The Blue Girls
The blue girls stole my heart today
And kept its beat within a song
Then danced away the moments lost
To all the pain I've held too long
They clap for those who wish to sing
For all the souls who have no voice
But in the rhythm I can see
How hard for them to make the choice
They look away from light and love
With youthful sorrow and regret
Upon their faces, stoic joy
So deep within the stone now set
Then just as I might understand
Enough to set their smiles free
The flag comes down and poof they're gone
Along with all the hopes in me
But in my mind I hear their song
And even though they could not stay
The truth remains within the beat
My heart the blue girls stole today
:iconzexypinecones:ZexyPineCones 6 35
Me and God by EmoNoelRocks Me and God :iconemonoelrocks:EmoNoelRocks 19 46 Office View BW by ZexyPineCones Office View BW :iconzexypinecones:ZexyPineCones 11 88 The Sorrow Of Before And After by ZexyPineCones The Sorrow Of Before And After :iconzexypinecones:ZexyPineCones 8 42 Ravenous by MatthewForte Ravenous :iconmatthewforte:MatthewForte 7 3
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I dig!! It definitely matches your personality, man. (I especially love how you put your wolf on there.) Listing what you have experien...


Look, once you're like twenty, sitting in your Mom's house writing shit on the Internet is no longer called trolling. It's called being a loser.


Aamir >x)))> Not really.
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Things that define me are:

Vegetables, the sun, vocal cords, chocolate, and love.

Current Age: 18,
Current Residence: Hades, Mexico,
Favourite genre of music: All of it!,
Operating System: OSX,
Shell of choice: The magic chocolate kind!!,
Personal Quote: I do not think, therefore I am not.


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